Confessions Of Eden

Confessions of Eden

Michelle Reagan — code name Eden — joined the CIA after graduating high school and found herself thrust into the shadowy world of covert action and assassinations. On missions spanning the globe, her final victim may end up being her own sanity.

Launching high-stakes attacks into the hearts of the enemies of the United States, Michelle’s emotional limits are tested as she is repeatedly faced with intractable moral questions. How many innocent lives is it acceptable to sacrifice in order to kill her primary target? A hundred? Ten? One? None?

Reader's Favorite® Book Reviews

"Confessions of Eden is told in a powerful voice, featuring streams of consciousness that plunge readers into the protagonist's turmoil.

Fast-paced and filled with action, it is one of those books you feel compelled to read nonstop."

~ Christian Sia, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews (5 STARS)

Confessions of Eden

Confessions of Eden is an impressive espionage page-turner superbly crafted with an intriguing first-person narration of the internal motivations, misgivings, and murderous missions of the CIA’s newest assassin. The global adventures of Michelle Reagan—codename Eden—give the reader rare insights from an insider’s point-of-view into the complex world of military and intelligence covert actions. The author weaves a fast-paced story with rich imagery and a contemporary, informal style.

Confessions quickly engulfs the reader in Michelle’s journey to become and ‘operator,’ the term she and her team prefer to the more pedestrian word, assassin. Where the reality of today’s veiled world of intelligence and international espionage end and the fictional story begins is impossible to discern. The heaviness of the subject matter is lightened by the author’s witty, if dark, sense of humor. Michelle’s arduous journey to master her deadly skill set and achieve full inclusion into her small, elite team is a rocky road with detours masterfully woven into the easily readable narrative.

Vivid descriptions of both characters and locales make one wonder just how much of Confessions is made up and how much is based on real people and events drawn from the author’s own experiences. Fiction becomes believable as Michelle’s journey to find (and save) herself, becomes increasingly intense, both personally and professionally.

With love and loss artistically woven throughout, Confessions of Eden is a fast-moving read with intense emotion and action sequences which the author artfully conveys. This hard-to-put-down read is highly recommended.

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